Emergency procedures

Emergency procedures for residents, families and visitors

Safety is obviously one of the fundamentals of care at Assisi.

Part of the induction at Assisi involves a briefing on resident safety and other emergency procedures.

Below we have outlined how you can protect yourself and our residents.

  1. Remember to sign in and– out at the visitor’s registration area. Similarly, if you are taking a family member for an outing or appointment, please make sure this is recorded. The primary purpose of the visitor’s registration at the reception areas is so the Fire Wardens (normally the person or nurse in charge at the time) clearly we need to know who is in the building at all times.
  2. In the event of an emergency, signaled by an alarm and by notification over the PA system, move quickly and calmly to the nurse’s station near the front door of the hostel or the main nurse’s station in the St Francis Unit as applicable. The Fire Warden or another staff person will need to check your name off against the visitor register.
  3. Always follow instructions as directed.

Note: Outside emergency assembly points are clearly signposted at the front and rear lawn.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a staff member at any time.