Making the most of it

Getting the most out of life

It is our ongoing goal to ensure Assisi Centre is the highest quality Italian-centred facility in Australia. Blending Italian heritage, the way of life and family values are all an important part of life here – to facilitate and create the best experience, as close to home as possible.

One of the great advantages of living at Assisi is the companionship of sharing language religion, food, life stories and even sharing and discussing problems.

Often after someone has lived alone for a number of years or if they are grieving, they can begin to feel lonely or sometimes even display signs of depression. This is where interacting with others in a similar situation is a great tonic. Having someone to talk to who is (or has been) in a similar situation helps to facilitate positive socialisation and healing.

A large number of residents who enter our care are suffering from various forms of depression however, after only a few months engagement and socialisation, their mental and physical health improves and they even start enjoying their meals again.

Just talk a walk round Assisi Centre – you won’t find many residents sitting alone or uninvolved.

At Assisi we are making the most of it.