Resident Activities

We want residents to enjoy their time at the Assisi Centre and be involved as much as they want to be in the various activities. We are constantly developing the Leisure and Lifestyle Program depending on on the individual needs and changing interests of our residents. We usually start by finding out as much as possible about the resident’s life, interests and current activities; Families can play a big part in this. With this information, Assisi Centre’s Leisure and Lifestyle team create a personal  activities and interests program. Like all other assessments, the program is regularly reviewed and updated as needs and interests change over time. Residents are encouraged to continue their individual hobbies and are provided with any equipment and support  to help them do so.

Our Leisure and Lifestyle Program offers:

  • Various physical activities such as exercise groups, walking in the gardens, ball games, gardening, card games etc.
  • Mental interests such as art, literature and news and current event discussions.
  •  Reading groups movies
  • Social interactions including outings, BBQs, coffee club, card games and tombola for example, massage, beauty care, and aromatherapy.
  • Creative activities such as craft, cooking and other groups
  • Cultural and spiritual occasions including  religious activities and Italian- centred events

The Leisure and Lifestyle Program is published monthly both on noticeboards and on the website –

LIFESTYLE PROGRAM St. Claire’s June 2019

LIFESTYLE PROGRAM St Catherine, St Anthony, Padre Pio  June 2019

LIFESTYLE PROGRAM St. Francis June 2019