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New legislation came into effect on 1st July 2014 regarding accommodation pricing for residential aged care.

The previous system of accommodation bonds for ‘low care’ and daily accommodation charge for ‘high care’ residents was replaced by a system of Accommodation Payments that apply to all people who have been assessed as requiring residential aged care.

Under the new system, residents will undergo a means test by Centrelink to determine if they are required to pay an accommodation payment.

If a resident’s mean test exceeds the legislated threshold they can then be asked by the aged care provider, such as Assisi Aged Care, to pay the accommodation payment applicable to their room.

The payment can be made as a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD), a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) or combination of both.

New residents will have a choice as to how they pay the agreed accommodation price and will have up to 28 days after they enter care to decide how they will pay.

Persons whose means tested amount is under the means test threshold will still be able to afford residential aged care as the Government will provide the aged care provider with a supplement. Some contribution may be required but it will be limited to a threshold based on the persons means tested amount.

Persons with assets above the means tested amount but who cannot pay the maximum accommodation payment for the room may be asked to top up the payment by a daily charge or drawdown of the refundable deposit amount from their RAD.

For further information refer to the Government’s My Aged Care website.


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Room Pricing

For permanent residential care at Assisi Aged Care there are 5 room type options available.

New residents will have the choice to pay for their accommodation either as a refundable deposit (a lump sum, also known as refundable accommodation deposit or RAD), an equivalent daily payment (also known as a ‘daily accommodation payment’ or ‘DAP’) or a combination of both.

Financial terms you will need to understand:

The maximum permissible interest rate is set by Department of Health. The rate is 8.34% from 1st April 2024.

Room types and prices

The most common suite type at Assisi Aged Care is the Standard Suite.


Standard Suite Congruence Comments
Single Room with separate ensuite

(102 rooms)

1.1 RAD $550,000

1.2 DAP $125.67/day

Or combination lump sum RAD/DAP

This represents the current standard room (RAD/DAP)

The Winter Sun Suite.


Winter Sun Suite Congruence Comments
Single room with shared new ensuites 1:1

(6 rooms)

1.3 RAD $550,000

1.4 DAP $125.67/day

Or combination lump sum RAD /DAP

This represents the standard room (RAD/DAP)

Mountain View Suite/Mountain View Joint Suite


Mountain View Suite Congruence Comments
Single premium rooms with ensuite and north and eastern feature aspect

(12 suites)

1.1 RAD $730,000

1.2 DAP $166.80 day

or combination lump sum RAD /DAP

This represents the current premium level RAD/DAP


Mountain View Joint Suite Congruence Comments
Double premium rooms with shared ensuite and eastern feature aspect.

Suitable for couples.

1.1 RAD $500,000 per person

1.2 DAP $114 day per person

Or combination lump sum RAD /DAP

Provides an alternative for couples entering together.

St. Francis Courtyard/Garden/Standard Rooms


St. Francis Courtyard/Garden Rooms Congruence Comments
High Care single rooms with shared ensuites with 1 other person.


High Care single rooms with private ensuite


1.1 RAD $550,000

1.2 DAP $125.67day

Or combination lump sum RAD /DAP

1.1 RAD $550,000

1.2 DAP $125.67/day

Or combination lump sum RAD /DAP

Best suited for a person with High Care needs.
St. Francis Wing
Shared Rooms
Suited for High Care residents.

A very large shared room . Shared ensuite adjoining.

1.1 RAD $400,000

1.2 DAP $91.40/day

Or combination lump sum RAD /DAP

Low entry cost option for residents with High Care needs.