Pastoral Care | Assisi Centre

Often, when someone is living alone prior to moving into aged care, they may be grieving or have feelings of solitude or signs of depression that become apparent. Once they move into aged care, it is in these times when speaking with someone who can offer empathy helps facilitate positive socialisation and healing.

Pastoral care can be utilised at various times and differs from person to person. It could be required before a resident comes to live at Assisi or perhaps even during their adjustment period after they have moved in. There are also times when our residents simply need a kind ear to listen when unexpected things happen or if they feel like they require a little extra emotional support.

At Assisi we understand the importance spirituality and religion holds in the lives of our residents. For this reason we offer traditional Italian religious services and support to help our residents feel at home and cared for.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver pastoral care services in ways that are most appropriate for each individual and do so for both residents and families alike.

Pastoral Care services can be provided by trained Assisi staff and also by external organisations; these services are available to both residents and their families.


POEMfrom 2023 Annual Report inside cover

This report you will read
contains stories of our lives
the care we now need
and that which is received

Assisi is now my home
yes I may be older
but I am not alone

Culture and identity
here remains strong
as our shared journeys
help us belong

As you read the pages ahead
look beyond what has been said
to everything that you hold dear
and to those that brought you here