Cuisine | Assisi Centre

There is such pleasure in the simple act of eating a delicious meal. It can transport us back in time and be a reminder of a special person or past event in our lives. The love of food and its importance in the Italian culture is well known. Sharing a meal brings people together and offers both physical and emotional sustenance.

At Assisi we understand the meaning of good food and the importance it holds in the lives of our residents. Simply put, our food costs are considerably higher than industry average and the quality of our catering is one of our key differentiators.

Our residents’ meals are prepared on-site by our Chef Manager and catering team. There is a seasonal rotating menu, and in keeping with tradition, there is always cheese, wine and fruit on the table at both lunch and dinner.

We regularly conduct surveys with our residents to ensure they are happy with the food service; and we use the results to continuously improve our catering to accommodate the various tastes and preferences of those living in our care.