Pastoral Care

imagesCA75TSY4Personalised and Professional Support

As expected at an Italian aged care home, the Assisi Centre offers traditional Italian religious services and support. This includes not only devotions but other personal and spiritual support that can be needed from time to time. Sometimes that help is most needed before or after a resident enters aged care or when something unexpected happens. During such times, the best support can be simply someone to talk to.

We all have to handle these situations and we all deal with them in different ways.

We have excellent professional counselling services to help residents and families alike. It’s an important part of our mission.imagesLL7O8J44

While working in aged care at the Assisi Centre has many joyful and personally gratifying periods, at times, we know that when residents and families are going through a difficult period, it affects our staff as well. It is part of being in the Assisi family.

We have similar  support services for our staff who are better placed to provide care and perform their difficult job if they are not stressed.

The free Family Support Program and the Assisi Staff Assistance Program (ASAP) are always available for professional, independent and confidential support.

These services  are provided by McCarthy Psychology Services.

contact   1300 659 681

or if appropriate, the Director of Care Fiona Kool  03 8458 3129