Religion and spirituality at Assisi


As we know, the Catholic Faith plays a big role in Italian life and culture. Catholicism and general religious pastoral care have always been central to the Assisi Centre’s mission, vision and values, although certainly not mandatory.
Our religious program is tailored to both individual and group needs.

Religious services include:067-assisi

  • Holy Mass during the week and on Sunday,
  • the Rosary is recited daily.
  • The Sacraments are available to residents and their families
  • along with all other Catholic liturgies
  • we appreciate that Italian speaking priests provide services to us.
  • The Sacrament of the Anointment of the Sick and Infirm is offered regularly and as needed, with on-set of serious illness or death.

Relatives are always welcome to attend the Assisi Centre’s religious events. Details of these events are displayed on noticeboards throughout the facility. You can also find out about upcoming events on the Assisi Centre website.

The Assisi Centre is blessed to have available the Assisi Centre
Chapel which was built for the Sisters of Mercy in
the late 1920s. It remains a very popular choice for
Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals, Memorial Mass and
religious festivals.

Bookings can be made for the use of the chapel for Baptisms,
Weddings, Funerals and Memorial Mass by contacting Antoinette Andaloro, the Pastoral
Care Coordinator, on 8458 3115.