Aged Care Employee Day- 7 August 2020

With the current situation affecting all of us, we look for the positives to ensure we cope as best we can.

In recognition of the important and amazing work carried out each and every day by our aged care staff, Assisi  participated  in the National Aged Care Employee Day on Friday, 7th August 2020.

While we obviously can’t gather together to celebrate, we have come up with alternative, creative ways to demonstrate to our staff that they are appreciated!

We asked families if they would like to send any positive messages to staff to mark the occasion.

The response was overwhelming!

The messages were gathered, printed and displayed on dedicated boards for all staff to enjoy, to give them a boost and let them know that they are appreciated.

Assisi sincerely thanks families for their beautiful words:


You are all doing a fantastic job, under harsh circumstances.  We thank you for keeping our mum safe.

Take care




Thank you to the Executive team and dedicated staff for all your efforts in a very difficult time. Thanks for doing your best to keep our mother and all the residents safe. 

Regards, Marie

There are a few staff members that have been not only great with mum but also with me.


Firstly, I’d like to give a special thanks and appreciative hug to Alida Bonetto.  Since she’s come
on board she has been great with her communication.  She has addressed the issues that I needed confirmation on, she’s been honest and has always kept me up to date with mum’s health.  It’s so reassuring to know that Alida is looking after mum well and keeping a close eye on things. Although she has many residents she looks after, I feel as though she only looks after one. That’s how efficient and precise she is.  Thank you so much Alida. 


Secondly, I’d like to give a special thanks and appreciative hug to Penelope Aunger.  She had springboarded the FaceTime calls to mum in an efficient way. There was once when I didn’t receive the call that I booked in. That afternoon I emailed her and by that evening (being a Friday evening as well), she Facetimed a call to me with mum.  She was efficient in doing this by getting straight to the problem to solve it. I was quite upset that the planned call didn’t come through and to be called later that evening unexpectedly was a great relief and I just needed to see mum that day. During the call, she would also tell me what mum was doing with her hands, which was stroking my face on her screen, which told me that she was also showing me that she cared. It was important for me to know this. Penelope had communicated this and made me feel so loved. She was an angel. Thanks so much, Penelope Aunger. 

Thirdly I’d like to give a special thanks and appreciative hug to Tony Bernardo. When he was doing the FaceTime calls with mum on a weekly basis, he would stay and sing with me and talk to mum as well to get her to focus.  He was a great help and would occasionally put a smile on mum’s face when she wouldn’t take notice of me on the screen. He helped me to engage with mum.  Thanks so much, Tony.  

Fourthly I’d like to give a special thanks and appreciative hug to Maria Alvaro.  On one occasion, Maria had seen me become quite upset in a meeting and she followed up with my care the following day, to make sure I was OK. On another occasion, Alida had spoken with Maria telling her that I was upset for mum. The next day Maria had called me to offer me counselling and talked through the difficulties of being mum’s carer and had made me feel better, just haven spoke with her. She stayed on the phone with me for as long as I needed in order to make sure that I felt reassured to accept mum’s deterioration. She was comforting, warm and gave advice that was real. Thanks so much Maria Alvaro. 

Lastly, however, not in the least less important, I’d like to give Salvador Buan a special thank and appreciative hug for organizing, not only me but my aunties on a day each to FaceTime mum with her sisters. He’s been efficient in replying to my emails, within the hour.  He’s organized another woman, Bidhya, who was just as efficient and warm in organising these FaceTime calls. Thank you so much Salvador Buan. 

Thank you so much. 😘🤗😄



OK, let me get the ball rolling. I would like to say the following about Salvador.

As a new family, putting a loved one into the Assisi community is one of the biggest decisions we have had to make.

Although we know it was the best, it was a decision that is laden with apprehension and sometimes guilt, particularly when there are diverse cultural expectations from the resident.

Doing this in the middle of a Pandemic, was particularly difficult as we knew contact would be limited and we were unsure of the impact this would have on our mother .

From the beginning, Salvador greeted us with such a friendly manner and provided us with the reassurance we needed to confirm that our mother was in the right place.

He proactively provided us with communication support (facetime is not great for nonnas over 80) and regularly kept us up to speed .

This was always done with such amazing positivity and warmth.

He has been the glue that has kept us connected and made us feel incredibly welcome .

Big thankyou – Salvador , we think you are amazing.

One we can remove these masks-be warned , we will find it very hard not to give you a hug.

Lucy and Josie 


As a family we are very appreciative of all efforts made by the staff at Assisi in looking after

our father, and assisting our family. However, there are two staff members in particular that we would like to single out and that is Jineesh, the Unit Manager at St Anthony and Salvador, whom we have only recently met.

Jineesh has been wonderful in his communications with us and following up on issues when they occur. There is great comfort in knowing that your concerns are being acted on, and action is being taken in a timely manner. We love the fact that when you raise an issue with Jineesh you know that he will follow the matter through. Thank you Jineesh for everything you do.

The second person we would like to thank is Salvador, whom we have only recently met as a result of the lockdowns, and scheduling of visits and facetime appointments. Salvador is a breath of fresh air at Assisi. His welcoming smile when you enter the facility, his eagerness to be of assistance and his kindness to families is exemplary. I’m sure Salvador has had a very difficult task in dealing with families who are anxious and unhappy about the fact that there are restrictions on visitation, and yet he treats everyone with such warmth. Thank you so much Salvador for all of your efforts, we really loving seeing you at Assisi, and hope you are there for a very long time. 





I just wanted to say what an amazing job the staff in Padre Pio do.. 

Salvador, Cameron and Lina have a lovely kind manner about them with our mum.

I am so appreciative of their work and their positive outlook, especially through these very distressing times.

Salvador always has a smile on his face and I think that helps an enormous amount!

Thank you for keeping our mum safe.

Keep up the amazing job!!

Thank you 😊Thank you!😊😍

Warm regards




Dear Philip

We thank you and your team for the fantastic effort in looking after our parents. You have done an amazing job in the most difficult environment and are a credit to your industry.

My parents became permanent only a couple of months ago and we have been impressed with all our interactions with the Assisi team. From the admission process with Gemma to the care they receive from Jineesh in their ward and all the support staff.

We truly appreciate your efforts.



Thank you for the opportunity to do this. Here is our message to Assisi staff for the “Thanks for Caring” activity.

“We wish to express our gratitude and thanks to the great work the team in St Anthony have been doing to look after our mum, not only now during this Covid-19 emergency, but for the whole time our mum has been at Assisi. In particular, we are very grateful to Jineesh who has been very caring of our mother and has proactively contacted us on several occasions to discuss and solve issues that my mum has brought to his attention.  Once again, we want to emphasise that we greatly appreciate the great work and essential job you have all been doing under difficult circumstances, keep up the good work and above all stay safe.


Gus & Margaret and Adriana 


James  et al.



I would like to give full praise to the Lifestyle Team who have worked tirelessly to maintain contact between families and their loved one.

We have enjoyed continued contact with mum through regular FaceTime, photos sent to our mobile and phone calls to reassure us that mum is being looked after.

Whenever we have made a suggestion, such as choosing DVDs from the library for mum to watch in her room, Penelope, Cameron and the team have responded quickly and carried out our request.
I would also like to thank the Pastoral Team who have organised family visits and when families were not permitted to visit due to lockdown restrictions, a member from the team visited mum in her room.

The effort made to look after mum’s mental health is very much appreciated.

Keep up the great work and hopefully we can all come out of this better and stronger.

Warm regards,




I would like to contribute to celebrating Aged Care Employee day by saying thank you to the following people.

Jineesh Thomas for taking our calls and answering all our queries.

Penelope Aunger for organising the FaceTime calls during the Covid crisis. 

Salvador Buan who has worked tirelessly during the controlled visits and now with the shutdown in arranging for us to keep in touch with our loved ones via FaceTime or Zoom calls.

A big thank you to all of the Lifestyle team that have played a huge part in keeping the residents entertained.

To the day to day carers that provide hygiene and personal help to the residents a sincere thank you and appreciation.

Thankyou on behalf of the extended Rendina family.


Mary & Lucky





Thank you so much for all that everyone at Assisi is doing during these extremely difficult and stressful time.

It is very much appreciated.





Where to begin. 

My mother became a resident at Assisi in May and she has been treated with the utmost respect and care since her arrival.  It was a difficult decision, one that was not made lightly but I can honestly say there are no regrets about choosing Assisi.  

Mum was reluctant, however within a few weeks she felt at home and this can attributed to the care she has received from the staff, making her feel at home and part of the Assisi community.   Mum speaks very highly of everyone at Assisi and she comments about the ‘chiacchierate’ that she has with all the staff. 

She doesn’t remember names so she describes each staff member to me with great affection.  Mum tells me stories about her outings and the photos she had of her and this made her so happy.  She talks about the rosary and how she feels at peace when she is able to go and touch ‘la bella madonnina’. 

A big thank you for all that you do, it is truly appreciated.



Thank you Phillip and team for doing a great job and keeping us informed.

Regards, Marie


We are very thankful to all the hardworking staff at Assisi. Moving loved ones into a nursing home is an enormous decision and can be very traumatic as it was for mum. We are so grateful to Sue who was there to help mum through that time. Sue’s nursing skills and empathy gave us comfort and reassurance that we made the right decision to choose Assisi. Mum has settled in very well now and we are so grateful to Lina and all the staff that look after mum and continue to care for all the residents especially during this difficult time. Albert and Jo

I personally  would love to thank everyone at Assisi especially  the pastoral  group who constantly check on my mum’s mental health.  Thank you to all the nursing staff, cleaners and all admin staff who have to make such big decisions.  Mum is in Padre  Pio.  Thanks again


To all the staff and carers of Padre Pio


We wish to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks for all your dedication and hard work during this current difficult  and challenging time.

We greatly appreciate the care, comfort and support  that you are giving to our Father and for keeping him and everyone’s loved ones safe during this Pandemic.

God bless you and all your families.

Stay safe!

Love and best wishes

Elie and Lee 


Congratulations and a Huge THANK YOU to all the Aged Care Employees at Assisi for their AMAZING HARD WORK AND EFFORT WITH OUR LOVED ONES!  A special THANK YOU to all the dedicated employees in St Catherine’s for taking care of our mother.
 We are so grateful for everything you do for her while she is in your care. We have appreciated all your kindness, effort to make a positive difference to our mum’s life, helping her to make a smooth transition into care, keeping our mum safe, providing home cooked delicious meals, taking her out on Scenic bus trips so she can feel excited and happy, organising special days and activities to stimulate her mind and encouraging her to interact socially with other people, providing medical care and opportunities for her spiritual/mental health and wellness, ensuring she is supported in times of need, being there with her, listening to her, providing reassurance when we cannot! When our family knows our mum is being cared for and she is safe, healthy and happy then we can all feel at ease. 

These are unprecedented challenging times and we acknowledge your dedication to keep our loved ones safe, we also care about you and your families too! Please take time to celebrate AGED CARE EMPLOYEES DAY because you are all VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE!

Sincere heartfelt thanks, 

Rose and on behalf of my extended family. 


A big shout out to the staff at St Francis, since mum moved there she has come along in leaps and bounds (all considered) the staff have made a huge difference to her from my prospective.

They always have time to chat, have a laugh, joke with them and make the residents feel inclusive even when they are busy.  In my experience nothing has been too much trouble when I have had requests.  Options for meals means so much to those who are fussy eaters, there is always something around if they do not want the meal on offer

The unit is much better run now with Shani, she is understanding and compassionate, I am very happy that she has taken over the reins.

I don’t want to particularly name the staff but most of the day shift and afternoon shift workers as they are the one’s I have had more to do with, this includes the kitchen staff  and laundry as well.

Italian speaking lifestyle staff are wonderful

So many thanks to you all and especially at this very difficult time for us all but especially the extra pressure on Assisi





Our first encounter with Assisi was with you, Gemma. What a lovely, professional and efficient lady! Always pleasant, but above all very patient and accommodating of our needs which at the start, to say the least, a little complicated. You made us feel comfortable and always supported. You radiate serenity and friendliness which made you approachable. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding.

Julia and Mario


Elizabeth Farrugia

Elizabeth, a gentle guardian angel who has taken mum and dad under your expansive wing. You are always so kind, protective and eager to please. I am in awe of your dedication and am truly blessed to have you looking out for mum and dad. I loved that you tried relentlessly to find my dad’s trousers as he continued to hound you about it. A heartfelt and continuous thank you for all that you do with the patience of a saint.




Jineesh, from the moment we walked into Room 54 with two reluctant residents you immediately recognised the challenges which faced us. You were very attentive, thorough and meticulous in your approach. You worked tirelessly for us that first day to ensure that the needs of my parents were met. You can be relied upon and your care has been genuine and consistent. We have asked a lot of you and you have always delivered with a smile and to the best of your ability. A true gentleman who cares for his patients and most of the time above and beyond. We are so grateful to have you in charge of mum and dad. A heartfelt thanks and know that you are much appreciated and a credit to your profession and Assisi.

Julia and Mario


Connie Iorfino

Connie, what can I say? A nurturing and hardworking lady who genuinely gives a damn about the people you care for. Your pleasant and friendly demeanour has helped me enormously in what has been a very difficult time for me. I can’t praise you enough and I hope that one day I can formally acknowledge the type of employee that aged care facilities should be so proud to have as part of their team. A difficult and demanding job that you do so well. Grazie Connie.




What a wonderful way to allow us, the families of our loved ones in Assisi to say ‘Thank you’.  At a time where there is such a lot of negative reporting re Aged Care families, we are very thankful for the excellent work being done to manage this Covid pandemic within Assisi.

My family and I are very pleased to acknowledge Management and staff and in particular, Donna and Laudi for the love and care in looking after my mother Amalia. Also Salvador and Gemma for the way they do everything they can to keep the communication open between my mother and myself through FaceTime.

My mother is always happy to see me on ‘Television’ as she calls it and therefore gives her much joy and peace.

Once again my sincere thanks, stay well, stay safe.




Thank you so much for the update, you and your staff are doing a superb job at taking care of our family members in your care. I salute everyone at Assisi Centre and I’m grateful you are on the watch. Warm regards, Catia 


Dear Philip & staff,

I just like to thank you for all your efforts and for keeping us regularly informed during this very worrying and difficult time. It is very much appreciated.

Thank you 

Kind regards 




Firstly I would like to thank you all the people that works at Assisi they are very caring and friendly.

Most importantly the wonderful staff at St. Claire everybody is very caring , friendly and they love their job.

Mum is very happy to be here not only I can see that ,but she told all our family .

Again thank you very much





My sisters and I would be delighted to contribute and be part of the Aged Care Employee Day next Friday 7 August 2020.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Management and staff at Assisi Aged Care for their high level of care and compassionate approach towards our Dad in St Catherine’s.

The Management has been on the front foot from the time this pandemic started early this year, taking swift action and extra steps to implement new procedures throughout the facility to ensure all the residents are protected against this deadly virus.

It has been approx 5 months since Dad arrived at Assisi and whilst it has taken a few months for him to adjust to such a dramatic change in his normal life, we are extremely pleased to know that he now appears to be very happy and content and has adapted very well to this new chapter in his life.

It is difficult to single out one particular staff that has made an impression on us, as each and everyone at St Catherine’s forms a special part in the overall care of our Dad. However, we would like to give special mention to a few that we know, and are in close contact with Dad and are looking after him each day.

Firstly, Angelica – she has kept us informed immediately there are any medical concerns or changes that may arise from time to time. Her calming and gentle approach is a welcome relief.

A special mention goes to Laudi who is always cheerful but compassionate, and her team including Donna that take care of Dad’s needs on a daily basis.

Secondly, Salvador who has organised family visits and phone calls with Dad and is always happy and willing to go the ‘extra mile’ to ensure these moments are special each and every time!

And finally, Cameron and Tony that organise bus trips for the residents. Dad has always been a man that has loved to venture out. Almost every weekend as a young family he would organise day trips either fishing, fruit picking, or just simply exploring different regions in Victoria. After we all left home, he continued this with our Mum including taking annual driving holidays to Queensland every winter to catch the warmth of the sun!

We would also like to send a ‘big thank you’ to you Gemma for making our father’s transition as seamless as possible for us, including the cleaning and life-style activity staff that are equally important in the overall and daily care of our father. 

As a final note, my sisters would like to express our gratitude to each and everyone. We feel great comfort in the knowledge that you are all doing your upmost in protecting and taking care of our father and all the residents at Assisi, in particular during these uncertain and unprecedented times!. 

Our sincere regards and ‘thanks for caring’,

Enza, Rose and Sonia 




Where does one begin to thank all

the staff at Assisi-from Reception,Hairdressers, 

Hospitality to Cleaners.

Always with a friendly smile and willingness to help. To all the Carers in St. Claire, a simple thank you does not seem enough,

like our State Premier has said

“They are True Heroes”. They

show our loved ones care, compassion, understanding and dedication, including supporting families.

In this crazy, upside down world that we live in at the moment, we

would like to say to ALL of the staff at Assisi –


May God Grant You Always

A Sunbeam to Warm You

A Moonbeam to Charm You

A Sheltering Angel so Nothing can Harm You

Laughter to Cheer You

Faithful Friends Near You 


Whenever You Pray

May Heaven Hear You


Take care all and stay safe


Mimi and Jeff and Family



Through our experience with the staff at Assisi we have always found everyone who we have dealt with to be courteous, attentive, passionate and responsive to any requests or comments made by our family.

Every member of staff is certainly appreciated by our family. Their work can be difficult at the best of times but especially now in the current climate it is heroic.

We wish everyone there all the very best and to stay safe in all environments.

Vicki, Maria & Family



My mother and the rest of our family would like to thank you very much for all your efforts during this very difficult time. The compassion and care you show my father and the other residents are to be commended and we truly appreciate your kindness. 

It never is an easy job and especially not easy during this challenging time but we value all that you do every day, looking after our dear loved ones. Take care of yourselves and we hope and pray this terrible situation comes to an end soon. 

Stay safe

Lucy  xx




  • Jiinesh and team of St. Anthony’s,

What a force!!

You are always there, on call, whenever there is an issue.

You answer questions, issues, with patience and smiles.

Your care of our loved ones is unquestionable.

I am forever grateful to you all


  • Philip and all office staff

You are run off your feet but you still manage to greet us with a smile.
You make sure that all residents are well cared

You keep us informed and re-assure us that all will be good.

From the friendly greeting at reception through to the kitchen,

cleaners and maintenance, I say thank you.

Thank you for what you do, but most importantly thank you

for caring.



Below is my message to the staff of St. Catherine:

My mother resides at St Catherine.I wish to thank Angelica the Unit Manager and all the staff there, who work tirelessly to care for mum and all the residents. I want to express my gratitude to Sue, who always goes above and beyond when showering mum and tending to her needs. Ameda always has a smile on her face and is so helpful. Laudi, Khali, Vishnu also care for mum and give their best too! There are many more, but I don’t know all their names. I know it’s a difficult and demanding time for them now, but please know that they are appreciated.

Thank you.

Kind regards,




We would personally like to thank each of you that help care for our parents  and also parents/grandparents of other families. (Sorry we can’t name you all)

The care, effort and kindness you all take in helping our  Mum and Dad, is very much appreciated. Especially during this unprecedent times that we can’t be there for them.

It has been great for our families and grandkids to see Mum & Dad via facetime 🙂

Philip/Gemma, thank you for providing daily updates and keeping us and our families updated with what you and the wonderful team are doing to fight this unwelcomed virus. With returned negative COVID-19 test results, we can see that all the staff are doing their upmost best to keep themselves and the residents all safe.

Cameron, thanks for capturing lovely moments of Mum and Dad’s time in Assisi and sharing their memories with us.

We can’t thank you ALL enough and once this is all over we will be sure to visit and thank you all face to face. “Thanks for Caring”


Love Maria, Alida and families




To all Assisi Staff

We are one of the fortunate families whose mother was ready and very happy to enter Assisi. You make her stay happy and socially perfect. She has been well looked after by both past and present staff.
Unfortunately we cannot name all of you,  but the many roles covered by you are not lost to us. We have a great sense of pride when staff approach us and tell us how lovely our mum is. She has obviously been spoilt, she loves telling us how lovely you all are and how you are all looking after her. We know how well you look after her.  
To quote
“You are the family in whose hands we place  the care of our elderly in, when we’re not there to care for them ourselves”
So to all of you who are providing care to our mother:
Nurses, Carers, Kitchen Staff, Laundry Staff, Maintenance Staff and the Volunteers

A Great Big Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough.
We look forward to a time when we can back up our message to you

In good faith we wish you and your families good health

Our Warmest Best Wishes
Zaira’s Family
( Frank, Margaret, Greg and Ros)


On behalf of the family of Francesco and Domenica Cortese, I would like to thank everyone at Assisi for their care, dedication and hard work, during this difficult and challenging time.

Kind regards,

Anna Davine


To everyone involved at Assisi – from the hands-on healthcare workers, the kitchen staff and to the various administrative and management staff.

It is totally reassuring to us to know that our parents are cared for with such professionalism, good humour and kindness by everyone at Assisi. They always speak about their carers and how wonderful they are ­– you make them feel very special!

Whenever we visit our parents – pre COVID – there is always a happy vibe among the staff and this atmosphere makes all the difference to the quality of their daily lives. During these past six months we especially thank you for being so vigilant to ensure that Assisi keeps its aged community as safe as is possible. The frequent communications that keep us up-to-date, the professional behaviour and extra work required by everyone to keep Assisi on top of all the regulations has been amazing and we appreciate it enormously.   

Congratulations everyone on Aged Care Employee Day!

All our thanks,

Ilario and Patricia 




Happy Aged Care Employee Day to you all.


A heartfelt thanks for all you do for our loved ones. Thank you for your constant patience, smiles and encouragement to the ones that we can’t be with at this difficult time. Nothing you do goes unnoticed or is unappreciated. I feel relief to know that you do your best and I have confidence  that my loved one is in good care. Mum never has anything but praise for you all. 

Thank you for your expertise and also the courage to do what needs to be done to keep the resident’s safe especially during this pandemic where things are changing constantly. Your roles are varied but together they all make up the whole.

I would like to thank you personally.

Do not think for one minute your work is taken for granted.

Take care of yourself,

be safe and see you all soon.




To all the Dear Staff in St Catherine’s

Thank you so much for the wonderful care and loving support you have for my mother . 

Your expertise and dedication is truly appreciated.

I hope you all continue to stay safe in this challenging environment.

I am very grateful to you all

a big hug, from daughter





To all the wonderful staff that work at Assisi thank you, thank you for doing the wonderful job of caring for our precious family members, it is a challenging job at the best of times but at the moment during this uncertain time thank you for continuing to come in and do your job under the current circumstances and keeping COVID away from our loved ones. 

You are all doing an amazing a job and we are sure there are many of you that we haven’t met that assist in our mother’s daily care.

Just to mention a few special people that we have had dealings with:

Santosh for making special allowances and permitting us extra visits when our uncle was dying and allowing us to take mum to the funeral.

Anna for mum’s daily upkeep and understanding her, which is not an easy task. 😄

Maria for consoling mum when we can’t make her understand over the telephone and we can call her for assistance. 

Salvador for the great job he did co-ordinating our weekly visits with mum, responding to emails very promptly and also letting us sneak a few extra minutes when he could with our mother and I know he got into trouble for this in the end, sorry Salvador.
These are a few of the many that we know but you all make a difference to the lives of all the residents so thank you.

Kind regards

Andrea and Paula




As a family we have been extremely pleased with the care that all of you at Assisi have been providing residents. We appreciate that the environment is high risk for all on site and have had no difficulty in accepting the access restrictions that have needed to be put place. The welfare of residents has been your priority and for that we are extremely grateful. It has also been pleasing to note the warm disposition of all staff we have had contact with in this trying time.

Continue to take care and thank you.





Salvador Buan

‘Hi Salvador, thank you for talking particular care with Mum, the patience you have with her is amazing and you always carry out your work with a smile on your face (even if it is behind a mask 😊)

Thank you for all your efforts’ from Steve and Albert 

Lina (not sure of her Surname)

‘Hi Lina, thank you for looking after Mum, she always points you out and tells us that you take particular care of her and you go the extra mile.

Keep up the great work’ from Steve and Albert 


To Philp Moran

‘Hi Philip, thanks to you and your team’s great work in keeping our residents at Assisi safe.

Your regular and heartfelt communication is greatly appreciated.

Keep up the great work, we feel that we’re in good hands’ from Steve and Albert 

I’m sure there are a lot of staff that I have missed so apologies.

We are very happy with how Mum is being looked after by all the staff at Assisi.

Keep up the great work,





Thanks for Caring”.



Assisi Centre Rosanna

To Gemma- nurses- doctors- sisters- technicians’ staff -and volunteer’s

Today as we recognise all the hard work effort support that all your staff as put towards all the residence

in keeping them safe happy and in harmony with health and in faith with the Lord

You are all front-line barrier doing a marvellous job in keeping the

coronavirus of entering the Assisi complex

It was and it is a great privilege and an unforgettable experience

to have met you.

We are filled with immense gratitude to you for all the sacrifices, strength, humility, kindness .

We pray for you and your familys in our daily Holy Mass.


Kind regards


Alida,  Maria & Rita 




On this day of National Aged Care Employee Day and every other Day, a Special Good Morning and THANK YOU to ALL STAFF (week days, weekends & night shift) at St Claire Unit.

Thank you for your diligent and professional skills in helping me cope not seeing my dear mum during these times of precautionary measures for COVID physical distancing.

Thank you for giving your best on a daily basis to safeguard the safety and health standard of my mum, Anna and all other residents in St Claire.

Thank you also to all other auxiliary STAFF (Lifestyle –Cameron/Penelope; Catering – Tina; Laundry & cleaning personal) for supporting with attentiveness and kindness.

I salute you and I am …….

Warm regards and happy 2020 National Aged Care Employee Day, Catia 



Many thanks Philip for your regular updates and to the efforts of the selfless staff. Regards John



Thank you to all The Aged Care Employees at Assisi, especially the ones who have been looking after our mother Maria .

During these hard times we can’t be there and it’s comforting to know she is cared for in an environment which is caring, compassionate and friendly.

Enjoy your special day because you are special people.

Thank you again , Maria’s Family