Assisi Fashionistas

Friday happy hour has become quite the anticipated event, which nicely rounds off the week.

The team, always looking for ways to excite and engage the residents, organised a fashion parade last week, complete with a red carpet runway.

It didn’t take long for residents to let their guards down and proceed to sashay down that runway, some adding their own particular flavour.

Everyone had such a great time! Tony Bernardo, completely in his element as the master of ceremonies…As Cameron says…”someone give that man his own show”!

Who knows what the next happy hour will bring!

I hope you enjoy the photos!



Beautiful Amalia
Antonio and Anne
Even the Chairman got involved- Don and Rosanna
Fiona and Irma
Georgia and Anne
Nuccia and Santosh
Penelope and Rosanna
Peter and Rosanna
Rosanna and Karam
Tony and Santosh
and of course…Tony…again