Carnevale Celebration

On Friday 9th February, residents and staff celebrated Carnivale.

The afternoon was full of colour and excitement.

Residents enjoyed music and singing provided by Ivan & Rhonda, both entertaining the residents with tunes from a bygone era and which had the residents singing, dancing and clapping along.

It was so lovely to see such vibrancy fill the auditorium, as Residents embraced the spirit of Carnevale, donning their homemade traditional masks.

A shout out to our roving Pulcinello (Renato Vecchies) adding to the mirth and merriment!

A brief history of Venetian Carnevale

Full of mystery, mischief and intrigue, the Carnival of Venice is undoubtedly one of the most famous Carnival celebrations in the entire world. Though the start of Venice’s Carnival is disputed, most attribute it to 1296, with an official document from the Senate of Venice declaring a public celebration on the day before Lent. Created as an allowance for citizens for some fun and revelry, the mask fit in perfectly, allowing citizens to celebrate independently of social class or religion.  Carnival masks remained a fixture through the Renaissance, and masked comedy troupes would perform in the piazzas of Venice in the 16th century. These same masks and bacchanalia were banned by the Austrians in the 18th century and again by Mussolini in the 1930s.  After many years, the holiday returned in 1979 in a celebration of the history and culture of Venice.