Catering Review

We have recently performed a review of our catering and have engaged catering consultant to help establish more efficient and effective catering services. We are very passionate about the quality of food and service we provide at Assisi Centre.

We have a great team of chefs and catering staff who are very experienced and passionate about their role. It has been brought to our attention that with few changes to current catering practices, we will be able to enhance the dining experience for our residents and also offer them more variety of nutritionally balanced and delicious meals.

We are proposing to offer 2 Hot meal choices at lunch, each meal presented with generous serving of seasonal vegetables and / or other accompaniments rather than offering an entrée and main course. “Brodo” will be available to residents at lunch and dinner upon request. We are implementing a dietary system to maintain residents dietary profile. The dietary system will also allow us to input residents meal preference in advance for logistic and meals production purpose. Our aim is to offer residents with 2 Hot Meals to choose from for each day and also make sure that we have supporting data to minimise the wastage. Residents will be asked in advance about their meal preference for each day. For Example, if a resident would prefer Lamb Steak OR Chicken Cacciatore, both served with Creamy Mash, Roasted Pumpkin and Green Beans. The information about these preferences is stored in our dietary system for chefs to use as a guideline to produce accurate meal quantities.

Please Note that residents are more than welcome to change their mind at the time of service if they do not prefer the meal they would have initially asked for.

We have also noticed that current Autumn Winter Menu needs to offer more hearty soups at evening meals and also has potential to introduce some more hot dessert during cold weather. Hence, we are proposing to make a few changes to the current menu. During the catering restructure, we will constantly monitor residents feedback about meals and emphasis on presentation and quality of meals. All constructive feedback will allow us to make necessary changes to come up with a system that meets high service standards.

It is a major change in terms of restructuring the whole catering services and retraining staff to work with new work schedules. Considering the scope of the project, we may encounter some teething issues however as mentioned, we will have sufficient support and resources available to make this transition as smooth as possible. We will make sure that during this process we continue to meet our high standards and all residents are well looked after as usual.

We are very excited about the new changes being introduced at Assisi Centre Catering and are confident that this exercise will establish efficient and effective workflow and provide our residents with delicious, well presented meals.

If you have any queries about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fiona Kool, (Director of Care) or Martin Sammut (CEO)

The new menu can be viewed in  ‘A Taste of Italy’ under ‘Italian Cultural Focus’ in the main menu.