COVID-19 Update 26th March 2020


We have now completed our first week in lockdown and I thank you all for the positive support and feedback we have received over the week.  It means a lot to our team to have such great support.

In terms of the situation today, we have not had any test results return positive for COVID-19.  We have managed to find sufficient stocks of hand santiser, thank you to our Chairman, to last for a few more weeks while other supplies are holding up.  We are also encouraging staff to pay careful attention to government directives and refrain from socialising at this time while following common sense regarding social distancing.  Feedback from staff is that they are incredibly concerned for our residents and take this matter very seriously.

While the place feels quiet without the ebb and flow of community visitors, I was really pleased to see the Lifestyle Programme initiate the FaceTime service.  Over fifty families have taken up the offer and scheduled a video visit.  We are now doubling the number of iPads to expand the service.  The feedback from families who have visited in this way has been extremely positive and I’d encourage everyone to contact Penelope to organise a time.  Penelope advises that Lifestyle continue exercise programs, movie screening, tombola, bocce and a wide variety of other activities.

We also have a recently joined resident who has been playing the accordion every other day.  This is providing a huge hit with residents and staff.  Rosary is also continuing while Maria Alvaro has increased her hours to provide more one-on-one companionship visits and has also organised streaming of the twice-weekly masses being given by the Pope on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the exposition of the sacrament each Wednesday and Sunday.

We are all aware this is a really difficult time for the community at large.  Large scale job losses have been occurring this week and the impact on people is very hard.  While we appreciate your support, I hope you and your families are also managing at this time.

Enjoy the weekend


Paul Cohen