COVID-19 Update


I am writing to provide an update advice regarding our response to the coronavirus disease threat.

  1. Travel advisory warnings from the Commonwealth remain largely unchanged.  Therefore, as per last week’s advice, staff members who travel to the countries considered in the higher risk countries for exposure to COVID-19, will not be rostered to work at Assisi for a two-week period.  This is to ensure they have not contracted the virus.
  2. We are suspending external lifestyle activities including visits by the kindergarten children and the men’s choir.
  3. We will continue visits by external health care providers, for example dietitian, wound specialist and chiropractic support.
  4. We are increasing cleaning around the facility.
  5. We still request that you do not visit the facility if you are unwell or have visited Italy, China, Iran or South Korea in the past two weeks.  This includes being in contact with people who have visited those countries.


We will keep you informed as to how the situation progresses, although mindful that things can change quickly.


My thanks again for your support during this period.

Paul Cohen