Easter Concert

Camillo & Rita Ines and Gaetano La Pira & Formica Maria & Giuseppe CianciLupone, Bettiol  Marmora Vittoria & Gina with NellaWe are very fortunate at Assisi to have such a generous network of people so readily willing to give of their time.

Last Wednesday a special Easter Concert was held for the residents, when Sam Di Clemente and his 3 brothers, who make up the Di Clemente Brothers Band, performed traditional Italian songs in an afternoon of song and music.

Rita Di Clemente, Sam’s wife, whose mother is a resident here at Assisi made a trailer load of ‘pizzelle’- traditional Abruzzese waffles- for the residents’ afternoon tea.

Anyone who has ever made pizzelle will tell you how much time goes into making a regular batch of the delicious morsels. I cannot imagine how long it would’ve taken Rita to make the mass quantity provided last Wednesday.

To the Di Clemente family, we sincerely thank you!!