New look and logo for Assisi Aged Care


At Assisi, we pride ourselves on embracing change while also ensuring culture and traditions are respected. When broaching the topic of the Assisi logo, it was noted that it was time for a change, however, the current logo (known well by all) still had a place in our hearts. After thorough stakeholder consultation, the decision was made to refresh the brand and logo in order to reflect the organisation’s identity and values.

The Fuel Agency was engaged to assist the organisation to explore and produce a refined Logo for the organisation. The final typographical solution is an evolution of the current Assisi Logo, with the ‘A’ as hero, and a simple crossbar flourish, representing an embrace. We believe this new design is refined yet warm and reflects Assisi’s compassion and high standards.

The new colour palette combining shades of blue, with teal and sand undertone represents a combination of old and new, a celebration of our history and heritage together with the potential for growth and a bright, positive future.