NGV Exhibition-‘Melbourne Now’

Last week some of Assisi’s finest took in the Melbourne Now Exhibition at the NGV at Federation Square.

The exhibition is a vast sprawling experience which features light installations, photography, paintings, ceramics, fashion and video art – all created by over 200 local artists and designers.

Response from the residents was largely positive, though some were relieved to rest their weary legs over coffee and cakes at The Atrium afterwards.

‘Melbourne Now’ provided our residents with a unique and refreshing lens to the world.

We are hoping to return with another bus load before it all winds up on August 20.

The artists/artworks featured in some of the images are listed below:

Rel Pham’s TEMPLE – neon temple installation

Troy Emery’s Mountain climber – large rainbow cat sculpture

Taree MacKenzie’s Pepper’s ghost effect, circles, 4 variations 2023 – colourful light boxes

Yuria Okamura’s Temple of Nature – below

Sean Hogan’s Volume 1 – White and black wall installation

Jenna Lee’s Balarr (To Become Light) – suspended large paper lanterns

Atong Atem – floral wallpaper with neon