Olive Season

Last week, Maria La Vella and Tina Belvedere took on the challenge of gathering enough olives, from the orchard which sits at the back of the property (Google tells me that a minimum of 5 trees constitutes an orchard.
The trees have been counted, (see photo) and there are indeed five).  

Maria and Tina had the painstaking task of removing all the pits from the olives, to make for a more pleasant eating experience.
This task took several hours and oodles of patience. Once completed, the next step involved soaking them in water, for approximately a week.
This serves to remove the bitterness from the fruit. Maria Fontana (FSA), kindly offered to change the water daily, until the process was complete. Finally, on Thursday, 4th of May, at lunchtime, the residents in St Francis enjoyed sampling the finished product.

By all accounts, they were delicious!

Thanks Ladies.