Poli Family

025 027 017Assisi Centre has been very fortunate to receive a very generous donation of $5 million from Mr. Armando Poli and family, honouring the wishes of his parents.

In recognition of this the building housing St Catherine and St Claire units has been named:  The Cav. Giovanni  Antonio & Maria Poli Building.
A dedication plaque adorns the entrance to the building.

It was also the wish of Mr Poli that a function be organised for the residents of Assisi to simply enjoy a relaxed social afternoon.

The event was held last Wednesday, 18th March when afternoon tea of delectable continental treats and champagne was served.

Assisi President, Don Smarrelli,  other members of the board, along with Martin Sammut, CEO, Fiona Kool, Director of Care and other staff members also attended.
Unfortunately, Mr Poli, who was unwell on the day, was unable to take part.

Mr Poli’s generosity, however, extended even further to providing a gift for each of the residents: perfume for the ladies and aftershave for the gents.

The residents thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.

We sincerely thank Mr Poli and his family.