Sweett Group Melbourne Mega Move – Laveter House

It was a mega move across 200m of heritage gardens necessitated by having to make space for new buildings at Assisi Centre The home was designed by architects Oakden & Ballantyne in 1903 for G T A Laveter, once the Chief Accountant of the Victorian Railway.

The Sisters of Mercy purchased the house in 1927 and until recently it had been the residence for a number of priests Due to its heritage overlay there was no choice but to relocate the dwelling to another part of the 4 hectare Rosanna Road property.

An enormous amount of preparation and planning went into the move with Sweett Group engaging the company ‘Mammoth Movers’

The biggest challenge was identifying a path for the house to take the 200m journey Sweett Group managed the removal and relocation of over 120 trees and plants including 12 date Palms, some up to 1.5 m in diameter.

The move itself saw the 120 tonne house remain in one piece with two 18m beams inserted under the house along with another 17 cross beams each 10m in length. The house was then lifted using a series of dollies and hydraulic jacks meaning the whole house was ‘on wheels’. The house was painstakingly moved by two heavy loaders, one located at the front of the house to pull and one at the back of the house to anchor it.

The house moved at a speed of just several meters per hour whilst the Sweett Group and Mammoth team constantly monitored its integrity.it reached the other end without barely a crack in the plaster or brickwork. It took approximately 1 week.

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