CEO update


I will begin by clearing up some misreporting that appeared in the press over the weekend.
As I send this email out to you, we only have one staff member who has returned a positive result
and that was on the 19th of July.
Her close contacts at work (deemed to have been 5 staff) have all been in isolation, away from work since that time and at this point in time all recorded negative results.
They will not be returning to work until they are given the all clear to return. 

On Thursday the whole of the facility was placed into lockdown.
This requires an increase in the workload of all staff so we have added staff to the facility.
On Friday we retested every staff member and resident.
At present we are still waiting for 7 results to come back 3 residents and 4 staff.
All results to date have been negative.
We also understand the difficulties and stress this creates for our residents and hope to get out of lockdown as soon as we get a clearance from the department. 

Can I finish by giving my thanks to the many families that have offered their support to us in these difficult times.
I also appreciate the families raising issues and concerns and will answer these as quickly as possible and to the best of my ability and knowledge.  


Philip Moran