What’s On This week

Tuesday we have students from Genezzano College making one of their regular visits to spend time with the residents just chatting, reciting poetry and singing. The students usually round off their visit with afternoon tea.
The men’s choir will also be providing some entertainment for the residents this afternoon, belting out some familiar Italian tunes. It’s great to see them singing along.
The men’s choir visits 3rd Tuesday of each month.
Wednesday the Assisi bus will take residents to Fawkner bowls club. Some residents like getting involved while others are happy to watch the proceedings from the sidelines. Thursday Cameron will take the residents for a drive around the city to re-acquaint them with the sights of Melbourne. A stop for a coffee perhaps or a gelato.
Friday- Afternoon tea in the park. A picnic prepared by chef Andrew for the residents to enjoy in one of the local parks. Edwardes Lakes is one of their favourites- Hope the weather is kind.