Dementia Care | Assisi Centre

In 2021 we engaged Kirsty Bennet and Allan Kong of AKA Architects to review the St Claire Unit and develop a plan to address access and wayfinding issues that significantly restrict resident movement. This renovation is based on contemporary design principles, and will improve our care capacity by creating an area that encourages unassisted safe wandering in the outdoor space. Included is a focus on wayfinding and noise management within the building.

The changes will increase the outdoor focus of the unit, make it easier for residents to go outside, and offer a range of points of interest and engagement. The redesign will improve the visibility of residents when outdoors and remove potential hazards. There will also be internal communal area changes to doors, walls, colour and points of engagement. Doors will be added to the lounge space, acoustic paneling placed throughout the unit, carpet changed to account for altered vision and new furniture acquired.

This project is consistent with our vision to provide a centre where people with memory loss can experience reduced agitation, anxiety and confusion, with overall improvement in wellbeing.

Works commenced in May 2024 and should be completed in approximately 14 weeks.