Dementia Care | Assisi Centre

Specialised dementia care at Assisi is delivered using the Montessori method. This method provides increased levels of engagement and participation in activities; reducing isolation and increasing self esteem through opportunities for achievement, meaning and purpose.

This program provides residents with the opportunity to choose how they spend their day, giving them the independence to do as much as they can of their previous lifestyle.

Allowing residents to make these day-to-day choices, they are likely to maintain their cognitive and physical function for a longer period of time; giving them better quality of life. This method helps to provide residents with many happy experiences and is the difference between them existing and really living.

The Montessori method takes into consideration both the benefits and the risks when developing the most appropriate and relevant ways for residents to maintain a level of independence. When provided with this more independent way of living, residents’ agitation and anxiety levels decrease. They are also less likely to wander—because their needs are being met—and are therefore less likely to fall. These benefits not only result in safer and happier residents, they also create an environment where our staff are able to spend more one-on-one time with residents because they are spending less time addressing unsettled residents.