Volunteering at Assisi Centre

We are fortunate that the Italian community supports us in different ways. One of the most important way is through our volunteers.

If you would like to be involved too there is No particular skillset necessary; we encourage anyone willing to help to come join us, using whatever skills they have to contribute.

To find out about the volunteering experience firsthand, please read one of our volunteer profiles below.

Volunteer Rosetta Anzanello

rosettaRosetta Anzanello has been associated with the Assisi Centre for 19 years. When her father became a resident, she and her husband visited every week.

Rosetta has been a volunteer for just over 15 years. Most Tuesdays and Saturdays, Rosetta travels to the Assisi Centre to socialize with the residents and assist with their care.

“I love helping as a volunteer because it gives you a great feeling when you see the smiles from the residents after talking with them and finding out about their lives,” said Rosetta.

“I am also very grateful to the volunteers and staff who helped my father,” added Rosetta.

Rosetta and her husband have travelled overseas seven times, visiting the USA twice. They have been married 57 years, enjoying their two daughters’ families, and their grand-children who are 18 and 21. Rosetta is a keen gardener and she and her husband love dancing at the Veneto and Fogolar Furlan Clubs most weekends.

Rosetta thinks volunteering adds a purpose to one’s life

Join us

The Assisi Centre always accepts volunteer enquiries. If you are interested in the opportunity to join the Assisi Centre community, please contact the Assisi Centre on
9455 1199.

We look forward to hearing from you.